Layout - cannot open files in a1

I have been having issues with layout recently and I think I’ve finally found the crux of the problem which is that it wont allow me to use a1. My files are not particuarly heavy but for some reason, the program freezes as soon as I attempt to send to layout an existing sketchup and create a new file AND freezes if I attempt to open an existing a1 layout file.

Any ideas please??

I’ve never had any reason to use A1 paper before but I just sent a model to LO with the paper set to A1 and it worked fine for me. I wonder if this is related to the graphics card in your computer. You haven’t identified it in your profile so I’m not sure.

Hi DaveR -

I’m working to a scale of 1:100 and A1 is the only paper size that will take the site. It’s quite common in my industry. Oddly, I’ve had no problems in using A1 in the past. What do you mean by the graphics profile please? I do not print from the Mac but send to a repro house.

In your profile here in the community, there’s a field for adding the graphics card in your computer. You haven’t filled that in correctly.

Can you make a simple cube in SketchUp and send it to LayOut to your A1 template? Can you send to LayOut choosing a different size template and then change the paper size to A1?

I’m wondering if perhaps there’s an issue with the A1 template file on your machine… is this a template file that you created in an older version of LayOut? I’d try creating a new one to see if that clears up the issue.


I think actually perhaps I needed to upgrade…? I was using the 2016 version. I’ve downloaded the 2017 version and so far, so good. Although as I was not sent the 2017 version, I’m on the 30 day free trial. I’m based in the U.K. so we only have access to the resellers. Hopefully they send me the upgrade before the free trial ends!

Thanks though for your help. DaveR - I’ll take a look at that Graphics Card as soon as I’m wrapped up on this project.

When you get back to looking at the template in LO2016, you might check Marc’s suggestion. It may be there’s something in that older template that needs to be removed or changed.

Did you buy the upgrade to the 2017 license? If so, I would expect they’d send it to you in the next day or so. You shouldn’t have to wait a month for it.

Good luck.