Layout, Can Not Join Scaled Drawn Lines?!?!?

Hello, new user to both SketchUp and layout, I’m drawing a top view floorpan that needs different line weights, so I’m using layout (some would say, first problem) I’m drawing scaled lines and I’m having a problem joining lines. the glue bottle won’t even light up(select) the lines blue sometimes. Any advice very welcome. Please don’t say “draw it in SketchUp first” because then I don’t know how to apply different line weights to those tags, groups, components (unless you are willing to describe that process.)

Share your LayOut file so we can see how you’ve set things up in it. I expect the solution is simple enough if we don’t have to guess.

It would probably be a good idea to go through the instructional content at

Please edit your forum profile and answer the questions about SketchUp version and operating system correctly. Presumably you’re using SketchUp 2022 Pro. What operating system are you using?

DaveR, thanks for the reply. yes, I watched all the videos on Layout, and tried the techniques described, and am stumped as to why the glue bottle won’t join some lines. the lines in question are circled in the screen grab. (profile updated)
I have a feeling I am set up in a very poor manner.

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 1.10.56 PM

Eric_William_Pierson_Set_Designer.layout (4.4 MB)

You have Object Snap turned off and the ends of your lines don’t meet. If you’d make the lines thinner you could see they don’t meet at the ends.

Here with the lineweight reduced, it’s easy to see what needs trimming before you glue the lines together.

FWIW you don’t have a Scaled Drawing in your LayOut file. You just have a bunch of linework.

It could be better.

hmmm, I guess what I meant was all the lines were drawn, with scaled lines. How DO I make the whole drawing scaled? I was wondering why I had to choose Scaled drawing and the preferred scale every time I wanted to make a line

AWESOME. ■■■■, right on, that explains an 1/8" i kept losing and gaining here and there. how do I buy you a cup of coffee?

When you start a Scale Drawing the drawing content ends up in a group. If you open the group for editing you can add more lines to it without having to select the scale again. The method you’re using starts a new scaled drawing and LO has no idea what you want its scale to be until you tell it.

Thanks. It’s getting a little late in my day for coffee, though. :wink:

thanks again, and I know all too well about caffeine cut-off time!

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