Layout box - should i be converned

This box keeps opening up in SU and i don’t know what it means. Should i purge?

Yes, the document setup references box will pop up every time you open Layout (not SketchUp). The red text indicates that the references need attention. The first one, “Missing” reference indicates that the reference path to your logo image has changed, so perhaps you added your logo, but then moved the image file or moved the layout file, so you can either relink or unlink it.

The “Out of Date” reference is your SketchUp file. This happens when you save your SketchUp file, but have not yet updated the referenced viewport.

If you click purge in this case, it won’t do any harm. Purging should only remove references that are not being used. For example, referenced images/viewports/drawings that were added, but were then later deleted.