LayOut Back Up File

I am working on a big project, and i haven’t saved in a few hours. My computer crashed and now i lost all the work. I am running windows10

I have AutoSave turned on to 5 min, and i have the BackUp file in the same folder where my actual file was, but it is showing that it has 0 kb and it has errors opening up. I have created a new file to to check the back up file, and same happened there - BackUp file is created but is empty and doesn’t want to reopen. When i attempt to open it, it gives me a “Error reading layout file”. What is the point of AutoSave if it wont re-open??

File->new doesn’t give me an option of anything close to open a recent file.
Recent file doesn’t have anything close to last hour.

Can someone help please?

Are you saving to a cloud based location or network?
It is best to save locally on your harddisk when working on a model.
Did you install SketchUp correct? Meaning aa Administrator?

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