Layout '22 Still Worthless

Im trying to convert my Sketchup view to a vector so I can further edit it in Affinity Designer, but I can’t even do that. The app just freezes. Whats the point of this app anyways. It freezes whenever I elect a view. It freezes whenever I click something that’s a part of the interface.

Does anyone know of alternative method where I can take a SketchUp view and turn the lifeworks into vectors?

I haven’t had any problems with LayOut and rendering viewports in Vector. Share your LO file so we can see what you’ve got and try to help you out.

It’s too big to upload

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

I’ve only looked at the Left Elevation viewport and the SketchUp model itself. Lots of linework in that viewport that LayOut has to go through to render or at least check to see if it needs to be rendered. You could help that process by turning off tags for objects that won’t be seen in the viewport. You could also soften edges on things like the gutters which will reduce the number of lines LO has to render as vector.

You could do the same thing with the arcade windows and their arches as well as the trim above the windows on the second floor.

It would also help to purge unused stuff from your SketchUp file. There’s a lot of it to purge.
Screenshot - 3_18_2022 , 3_16_10 PM
This reduced the SketchUp file size by 58%.

It would also be a good idea to stay on top of correct tag usage and making sure that edges and faces remain untagged.
Screenshot - 3_18_2022 , 3_25_22 PM

There’s more that could be done to make your model much more efficient and reduce the stuff that needs to be rendered.

Mies van der Rohe: “God is in the details…unless drawing with SU/LO” :rofl:

…I suppose he also said “Less in more” :thinking:

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Meaning LayOut since your title references that?

I assume you mean ‘linework’? If so, have you tried exporting straight from SketchUp as either DWG or EPS (both of those formats are vector).

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I was able to get the linework to update in Layout. I copy the model and delete all the furniture and V-Ray elements that I had. I then purged it. The file is now around 60Mb and works pretty well.

Layout not so worthless after all


Probably didn’t need to delete the furniture but if you did, I hope you purged the unused stuff from the file again.

Your model and others I’ve seen recently remind me of a story my father told me long ago. There was a Polynesian king who lived in house made of bamboo framing and grass for the walls and roof. He was a good king who had an unusual hobby of collecting royal chairs. He especially like big ones carved out of stone. He kept his collection in the attic of his hut. One night while he was sleeping, though, the attic floor collapsed and his entire collection fell down and crushed him.

The moral of the story is: He who lives in grass house should not stow thrones.

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In Architecture school, we used to say “Less is More, but Mies is a Bore”!

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