Layout 2023 - Saving to previous versions Failure

It appears that, no matter what legacy/previous version of Layout I down save to. The file created can only be opened in 2023.

I originally created the Layout File in 2022. I then upgraded to 2023. After noticing some bugs and crashes using 3rd party extensions on the SketchUp side; I decided to revert back to 2022.
Now, the Layout file… regardless of what legacy/year I choose and save. The file can not be opened in 2022. The alert message states it can only be opened by 2023.

I can repeat this problem on two separate machines. (with all the fun Trimble has created to sign in and out, with two factor identification)

mac studio
MBP 2018 (maxed out ram and GPU)

I guess this was a known issue and fixed with the recent update.
(I did send a SC support request for exactly this issue, about a month ago, and had no response from Trimble)

What happened to the… there’s a new version of SU available popup?
But I digress…
Here is the solution…

SketchUp Desktop 2023.0.1
March 15, 2023

  • (Mac) Fixed a Ventura specific issue that prevented LayOut from saving as earlier LayOut version files.

Don’t know why support didn’t reply to you. Glad you found out the update had the fix in it.

The alert to tell people there is a new version is turned on over a couple of weeks, to avoid a sudden rush of a lot of people downloading the update. There was an announcement in the forum 11 days ago:

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