Layout 2022 - err msg when placing a Label

selecting area it posts “nan ft2” not the value of the square footage

Can you share a LO file that shows this?

The lable for square footage of the area in this file performed correct, perhaps my error was due to a SU file not saved and updated to LO as a 2022 file? Im not sure about that one. The autotext does not update the scrap book annotations I have tried creating a lable in the viewport it works but the does not. I looked at the auto text dialog to be sure it exists some of the new autotext seems to be imbedded.

You have to anchor theleaders to the model as I wrote in your other thread. Double click to get into the group and again to edit the label and move its leader to anchor.


You might want to edit your post and remove the LO file since it appears to contain your contact info and client info.

Off topic but I’m going to suggest that if you want to show the ISO scenes in Parallel Projection, set that up for the scenes in SketchUp. Don’t modify the Camera properties in LayOut. That’ll save you a bunch of trouble later on.

Thank you!

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Ive opened a file created in SU and LO 2021. and have the errors I first inquired about. I have opened and saved the sketchup file to be sure its in 2022 format also the layout file and have relinked to the SU Model. Not sure how to fix this?

As before, it would help if you’d share the file so we can see what’s going on. If you don’t want to make it public send it to me in a private message. Did you try reconnecting the label?

You could have added this to your previous thread.

I didnt send a large file bacause the test file worked properly. Seems a thing when opening 2021 files in 2022. The screen shot shows creating a new tag so i assume its anchored. The same process worked in 2021 LO How do I send you the file directly?

Click on my name and then Message.

If the file is too large to upload directly, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

‘nan’ probably means ‘Not a Number’ Do you have extensions running or is the floor a ‘Dynamic Component’?

Not a dynamic components in the example he sent me.

Thanks for the reply mike, This is a file that was labled in the 2021 versons. The lables are anchored to groups nothing wierd. But when the 2021 file is opened in 2022 I have this problem and creating a new label has the same error. The only fix so far is to select all the goemetry from the old file and paste it into a 2022 new file. saving a 2021 file as 2022 doesnt work. I will just have to deal with files created in previous version for now. It isnt that often Im editing old files. Just the projects I stared just before the update.

Hi all, we have determined that this issue occurs when the “Axes Location” unchecked in the SketchUp scene. Checking this back on will result in the labels displaying correctly. It is worth noting that this will affect anything that uses that option:

  • Volume
  • FaceArea
  • Edge Length
  • Coordinates (point, edge)

We are working on a fix for this now.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Amazing! Fixing the axes thing for the scenes does indeed take care of it. Thanks Trent.

Thank you Trent!
I wasnt looking forward to redoing annotations on projects created in older versions that need revisions.

I appreciate all the comments and help. I have been revisiting my methods and using newer tools in SU and LO to have cleaner and better organized projects.

This is an after thought. I havent paid any attention to those attributes. I just use the defaults. How much does turning off some of those contribute to the “overhead” of the file in SU and or LO. Will turning off unnecessary attributes like the ones there in the scenes help when editing large files? Redraw time ect or overall performance?

I don’t think turning off Properties to save in scenes will have any effect on file size. Certainly nothing that would show up.


I wasnt asking about file size. Im wondering about performance. As an example while editing in SU if you have shadows turned on the redraw time is affected when zooming, rotating ect. So are those attributes extra baggage?

I agree with DaveR, turning those off should not contribute to file overhead.