Layout 2022 Auto Text Causing Crashes on Intel Mac

I’ve been playing around with Layout 2022 this morning and was excited to try to new auto text features, but so far, trying to do anything with the new auto text causes the program to immediately crash. Existing auto text seems to work fine and as long as I don’t try to add/modify anything in the document setup window or use any of the new auto text scrapbook items.

Current System Setup:
macOS 11.6
2017 27" iMac
3.4Ghz Intel Core i5
Radeon Pro 570 4GB

I’m upgrading my 16" intel i9 macbook pro to macOS 12 and will test it on there hopefully later today to see if i see the same behavior. Anyone else seeing this problem?

Update: After some more testing, it seems to be occurring when I open a layout file that was created in 2021. I opened a brand new blank layout file and everything worked just fine.

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I’m trying to adapt my 2021 template to make it 2022, so hoping I don’t have the issues you’ve been having. I’d rather not build the template from scratch!

I’m trying to play around with auto-text and I can’t find . Has anyone been able to find it? Thanks.

I also can’t find the new Scrapbooks …? I really want to try out the Sequence Auto-Text.

And when I look through the release notes to find out more, and try clicking the links to "learn more about …” the links just take me back to the top of the release notes. A bit frustrating!

They are called ‘Auto text enabled’ and reside in the contemporary scrapbooks.
You can create your own in the Document set up > autotexts and start by adding a new and choose the sequencer type.

Great - thanks Mike :+1:

Hey, @SimonT: did you encounter any stability issues when trying to use new Auto-Text tags in existing files? Thanks for this report, @brad.aycock.

Hi @brad.aycock, sorry you are experiencing this with 2022. When you say

is it crashing as you type in the Auto-Text or is it during the placement of the text?
Does it occur with both Text or a Label?
Is it editing or just selecting existing Auto-Text that will cause a crash?


Selecting/editing any existing auto-text in a file that was created in Layout 2021 or earlier seems to be fine or adding any auto-text that was already specified in the document setup seems to be fine. It is only occurring if I try to add a new auto-text field in the document setup or insert anything from the scrapbook that uses the new auto-text fields (scene name, etc…). When in the document setup, if I click the plus to add a new custom auto-text field, the the program crashes. It does not give me a chance to specify the type or anything. If I try to insert anything from the scrap book using any of the new auto text fields, the program crashes. I recreated my drawing templates from scratch in 2022 and I have not had any issues in using the new auto-text features.

It’s working fine for me. So far. I’ll let you know if that changes.

Thanks @brad.aycock for the info. Still not seeing it though trying those steps. You had mentioned that you recreated your templates. The templates that were causing the issue were just the out of the box LO ones?
Would you be able to send me one of the old templates that caused the issue?

I will PM you

Hi Trent,

I’ve attached my old template that was created in layout 2021. I’m having the same issues with this blank template crashing the program when trying to add any new autotext fields or insert any of the new srcapbook items. I’ve had to work in 3 old files since updating and all 3 of those files did the same thing. Those files were based on this one.

It’s not a huge deal since I’ve created new 2022 templates, just a minor inconvenience when working with older files at this point.


Arrow D 2021.layout (213 KB)

Thanks Brad, we are investigating this issue now.


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