Layout 2022 allows selection of multiple tools when no file is open

the LO 2022 allows you to select multiple tools at the same time when no file is open. with LO2021, when no file is open, the tools are grayed out.

I’m not seeing that here.

Correct installation using right click on installer and Run as administrator? Graphics drivers up to date?

one main difference - if a file is not open in LO 2021, the tools are grayed out.

in LO 2022 - with no file open, the tools are “active”. i’ll check with a file open.

ok, with a file open, the tool bar behaves correctly. my guess is the tools should be grayed out when no file is open.

Correct. No point in having the tools active if there’s nothing for them to do. I see the same behavior in both LO2021 and 2022. It’s been that way since the first version of LayOut.

and for me, with no file open, the LO 2021 is grayed out, but LO 2022 is not…

Again, correctly installed? Here’s what I see on my computer. No LO file open. All tools grayed out.

Screenshot - 1_26_2022 , 10_41_47 AM

same version. same installation file. same user account - ran “Repair” on it. now OK.

So evidently not installed correctly the first time.

When you ran the Repair did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

nope, use my regular user account (which has an administrator role). same user for both. i did note the install of the “repair” took a lot longer than the initial install.

i should note, i almost never install using “run as admin” because some of the large apps (CAD, DAW, etc) i have, do weird things with preferences and permissions when installs are run as an admin, so unless i run into issues, i only use my user account (typ 99% success rate). that said, had the repair step not fixed it, i would have re-run it as admin, and if that failed, uninstall and reinstall as admin. after which i would then go back to my 2021 install and wait for the next build :slight_smile:

Alas, for SketchUp experience has been that no other method than right-click the installer and choose “Run as Administrator” will reliably lead to a good install. Some people get lucky doing it while logged on as an Administrator or even as an ordinary user, but most of the time strange errors crop up sooner or later.

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strange errors pop up when doing a ‘correct’ install, too:
SketchUp 2022 on Mac: