Layout 2021 is changing all text for a single label

In the pic below, there is this side tab on the side of the page. I use it to label each page with a different name. Some how, the text box is in red, and if i change it on one page, it does it for all the other pages. I do not want that. How do i “unlink” it?



It’s a little hard tell without the actual Layout file. The red arrow indicates that there is more text than fits in the current text box size, it’s a reminder that there is hidden text beyond what is currently visible in the box.

If your element is changing on multiple pages, it sounds like it is on a shared layer. Anything assigned to a shared layer will appear on every page. You can assign the property of layer to be shared or not in the Layers panel on the far right of each layer with the single page or double page icon.

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thanks:) i did just find out, based on your reply, that if i set the tab to the default layer rather than the “on every inside page” layer, it removes the tab on all the other pages. But thats ok, because copy paste works and then it allows me to change the text to what i want. took forever to find that though. once you replied, i was able to find the layers issue.

i have made 3 posts tonight haha. must be finals week or something

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Get 'er done! :+1: Good luck.

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You can name your pages in the Pages tray, and add an autotext item to your label to display it on your page. In that case the label can be on a shared layer and it will dispaly the info for the particular page.