Layout 2021 crashes while resizing stacked viewports

I’m using ConDoc Tools for my drawings. When I insert the drawing to a page and it appears with the yellow “!”. When I try to resize it before rendering it, the Layout Bugsplat occurs. However, if I render before resizing, everything is fine. I just switched from 2019 to 2021 - that never happened before.

EDIT: I sent some Error Reports. Could anyone take a look at them to try to figure out what’s causing the issue?

I’m curious…
if this happening in Hybrid or Vector mode, then does it still happen if you change to Raster?

Not sure if that truly matters. But no, it doesn’t happen if I make any changes in the viewports, including changing to Raster mode. Simple re-rendering seems like a workaround. I am accustomed to some workflow though. I insert the drawing onto page, resize, rerender.

The most interesting thing is that I tried recreating this issue on my laptop. And there are no problems, the inserted drawing is already rendered properly just after inserting and resizing it doesn’t create a bugsplat.