Layout 2020 oddity

I have just had something unexpected happen whilst testing LO 2020.

I created a drawing in SU that had text in it (I normally only apply text in LO). When you import the system defaults to a raster image. In that rendering everything looks well. But when I changed to Hybrid to give a sharper definition, one piece of text randomly disappeared (although the arrow is still there). Everything is untagged in the drawing.

Any idea what is going on?


Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 16.23.11


Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 16.23.39

Can you share the LO file? Privately if not publicly.

I’ll PM you.

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Looks like it’s being omitted because the text would be cut off by the edge of the viewport. You could zoom out a little in the scene as I did for this example:

Or you could increase the width of the viewport a little.

I think it has to do with the text extending outside the viewport. If I adjust it to contain it all, I can apply hybrid rendering OK.

Yes. It extended out of the model space when I opened your model.

Or you could replace the labels with labels in LO.

There seems to be a very slight difterence in text size rendering between raster and vector.

I guess what I would have expected to happen is that the text would be shown cut off by the viewport bounding box rather than it excising it altogether.

I probably would, too. Since I don’t use labels in SU for LO, I’d never seen this before.

That is what actually happens when you use Raster rendering, but it seems that LO is unable to crop vector-rendered text.

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This is exactly what happens when we do a Vector render with text that is clipped by the viewport bounds. Note that this would also happen when doing a pdf export in SketchUp where text is partially clipped.


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I am adopting the Nick Sonder approach. He keeps his building models light by not including too much detail. Instead, he relies on a library of standard details that he uses from one project to another. That makes perfect sense to me. You then don’t want to vary the text detail from project to project much and you also don’t want to have to type it in each time, so having the text in SU achieves that.

I realize you could just have a series of Standard Details independent of the job files but then it can be harder to keep track of what you have sent people.

What if you create those details as Scrapbook items in LO? Then drag that into your proect file when you want it. That way you could combine the SU viewport with the LO text/labels. And if you don’t want the leaders for certain labels, you can just use plain old text.

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That’s an interesting idea Dave. I must give that some thought. Thanks.

I wonder if @Sonder does that?

I don’t know if he does or not but I have a pretty good idea that most people don’t put Scrapbooks to as much use as they could.

I adopted the Michael Brightman approach way back and have since also found them useful for doing services layouts. But I can see that they could be used for much more detailed sub-drawings. Mind you, the point I made about being able to hover and enlarge small icons the other day is apposite here. Enlarged popup thumbnail images on mouse hover in Components inspector

That is exactly what I do. In fact I should have some more on that soon. I’m prepping my detail libraries for sale soon. I’m also presenting at the AIA national convention in May, this exact process of creating detail scrapbook libraries.


Interesting approach… I think I might test that too

Here is a basic graphic I prepared for my upcoming AIA National Convention class describing the detail scrapbook process.