Layout 2020 - "New from Template" missing in File menu!

Where did the File>New from Template menu item go? I use this all the time, and it doesn’t make sense to navigate to Help>Welcome to Layout… to access “My Templates”. Very confused why this menu item would have been removed.

When you click on New it opens a panel that offers you the various templates, both the OEM templates and your custom ones.So it behaves as New from Template. Not sure why you’d need another New menu entry.

Hmm, must have been a little bug after I downloaded the program, because it’s showing up now…

From what I observed, File>New only opens up the previously selected template if you already had the program open. The template menu will show up if you just opened up Layout for the first time.

Clicking on File>New for me opens the Teplates panel like this.

If I scroll down, I get to my own custom templates.