Layout 2020 Crashing, using a PC

I am all the sudden having a problem with this model crashing in layout. It’s a small file. It’s just a pool and pavilion. Please help (but use small words and speak slowly :wink:)4720 ELDERS 2.layout (12.5 MB)

Your file is from LayOut 2020, but your profile says 2019. If you are using 2020, can you make sure that you are using 2020.2?

You could download 2020.2 from here:

and either update your existing 2020, or if you see a Repair option in the installer, try that instead. When you download the installer choose Save and not Run, that way you have the installer in your Downloads folder, and can right-click Run as Administrator, to help make sure that everything gets installed ok.

I had no problems with the file.

Many thanks Colin! Seems to be behaving normally now. It’s weird because I just downloaded sketchup to my new computer about a month ago.

Yes, this version was only released 16 days ago.