Layout 2019 Welcome Screen

If I open Layout 2019 directly (click on layout.exe) the Welcome screen has scroll bars to view recent files (occasionally not). If after opening a file I then click File>Recent the Welcome screen does not have scroll bars.

If I open a layout file first and (while the file is still open) then open the Welcome screen by File>Recent there are no scroll bars.

I’m running the latest Windows 10.

Maybe the visibility of scrollbars depends on the size of the content of the scroll pane. If there are more recent files listed than space available, scrollbars appear.

So the question is:

  • Does the Welcome dialog in Layout not show all recent files (or none at all)?
  • Or does the scroll pane crop content that is actually there (do you see “half” recent file items)?

Recent files are there and the same recent files are shown with or without scrollbars albeit when there are no scrollbars some files are not accessible, i.e. yes, the content is cropped.

It’s not a big deal for me but I wanted to flag this up as a possible bug.

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