Layout 2019 slow when inserting images (PC Platform)

I use Layout to redline my architectural drawings. It works great on my Mac. I export a pdf from Revit, extract the individual sheets as separate files, then insert the pdf sheet files into Layout and use the drawing and annotation tools to mark up the drawings.

I recently hired a new employee and purchased a PC/Windows laptop for her. We installed Sketchup/Layout and she has been trying to use Layout for markups, but (1) looks like PC Sketchup does not support pdf inserts, and (2) when we convert the pdfs to reduced size jpegs, the functionality of Layout is extremely slow.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Do we need to adjust how much memory is dedicated to Layout? Is there another file type that would work better for inserting images?

Thanks, Alan

SketchUp and LayOut support PDF imports on Mac because it’s a feature of the operating system. Windows doesn’t support that so you need create some sort of image file type that is supported or, if the PDF contains vector linework, you could create a vector file using various programs including Inkscape.

What graphics card is included in this computer?

When you installed SketchUp on it, did you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose run as administrator?

We tried inserting jpegs and pngs. It worked fine to insert the files, but Layout operability was severely slowed down.

Graphics card is: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max Q 6GB

No I don’t believe we chose “run as administrator” on install.

Any other thoughts much appreciated


If you didn’t, SketchUp and LayOut are not installed correctly. Close both SketchUp and LayOut if they are open, find the installer file, right click on it, and select Run as administrator. Then when presented with options, select Repair.

What is the content in the PDF file? How large are the image files? How are they being inserted into LayOut?

Ok we will try the run as administrator option.

The pdf files are pdf prints from Revit of our drawing sheets for a residential remodel project. They are about 400kb each. We are inserting them by going to “File>Insert” and then selecting the file.