Layout 2019 Crashes!

So, I was excited and then disappointed to get SketchUp/Layout 2019 installed, and to add to my disappointment…

All my 2018 Layout files (which can still be opened in 2018) are not loading in Layout 2019.

Layout 2019 will start but the file does not load and then Layout crashes.

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Hi Paul this is interesting… would you mind sending me a file so take a look into this?



Are you able to start a new file in LayOut 2019? (as opposed to opening an old file)


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sent you an email Trent

Marc, yes I can open and start a new file in 2019

Hi Paul, the Group in question (in your case is the door swing) contains a path with only one point in it. We made change with 2019 to fix files that contain this condition but it looks like we do not catch all cases specifically when the entity is contained with a Scaled Group.

The work around for files that exhibit this issue would be to ‘ungroup’ the Scaled group. We are working an a long term solution for this.



Many thanks Trent.

I’ll look out for this in the other 2018 files - I have used this door swing quite a lot in my work.

Ugh. I’m having the same issue. I’m hoping I don’t have to audit and adjust something in all of my 100’s of Layout files in order to open them in 2019.
Trent, do you expect a fix soon?

Please elaborate. What is a path with one point?
Thank you.

@mattd We are evaluating this now to see how widespread this issue is. Please send me the file/s in question so we can make sure we capture all instances and hopefully be able to provide a fix for you.

@Lindsey - We are not exactly sure how files would get into this condition (maybe a path creation then a series of undo’s) but what would we had found is that there were files with paths but the paths only contained one point. By default a path should have at least 2 points.


So if I am understanding you correctly, a valid path is similar to a geometry line with two end points.
Thank you.

Yes that is exactly it.

Hi Trent.

I sent you an email.

Thank you fro your assistance.

Hello. I have just installed sketchup pro 2019 and everytime I try to open layout 2019 it crashes, no matter if it’s a new file from a template or if it’s an existing file. I don’t know if this matters, but I have copied my sketchup folder from appdata/roaming/sketchup 2018 to sketchup 2019 to keep using my plugins, templates, etc

It is not the best practice to copy the extension folder to a new version of SU. Rename the folder. Then see if it crashes on opening. Most of your extensions can be reinstalled from the "My Extensions tab in the warehouse. It is hidden in the drop down on the right side of the window.

It worked! Thank you!

Anytime i open layout it says Layout controllers.dll missing, SketchUp viewerAPI.dll missing. Is there any fix

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and select Run as administrator?

I dont. I usually run a standard user account

I will try to do that.