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In 2017, I could select several label text boxes and it would align the edge of text left or right using the align command. Now when I select several labels to align them it will align to the text or the leader. Was this intended? Hard to imagine there are too many times when I want an edge of a text box to align with the edge of the leader on another label. It also appears that the hold the ‘alt’ key in order to force a window for selection is also gone or was it changed?

Hi Paul thanks for the heads up. Looks like we broke this… this is not the intended behavior.

Also alt (win) command (Mac) should still work as it did and we added Ctrl (Win) to Add and Ctrl + Shift to Subtract like SketchUp functionality.

(Mac - Alt to Add and Alt+Shift to Subtract )


I was referring to this use of the Alt key:

"To select several elements but avoid moving them, hold down the Alt key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac OS X) while you create a crossing or window selection."
That quote is from

I was not able to get this to work in the last drawing I was in, I will check again.

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