Layout 2018 - not up to par with other drafting software?

I’m currently pushing 13 sheets with 18 viewports out of one layout file. And it works pretty well. If you want to operate in this environment your going to have to invest in some real computing horsepower.

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It’s clear that Layout has issues, this thread is about them so not useless. Saying that it is is disrespectful to everyone contributing here.

It’s also clear that we are able to do things with it that you cannot. So it seems you have issues too but as you didn’t elaborate on them your post is the one that’s useless.

If you came searching for help, you should have given more info.

If you came here to contribute to the discussion, you should have given more info.


I think there are legitimate issues with Layout but also some of the issues are often user error or the lack of a good workflow.

This thread is not useless and to suggest so is disrespectful in my opinion. Please try to maintain a level of professionalism and decorum on the forum, thank-you.