Layout 2018 - not up to par with other drafting software



How true. But if the Driver weighs 400 lbs, he/she is going to need a Much More EXPENSIVE car.


That’s in line with what I think. I hope layout progresses much faster. It’s still what hinders us most though, at the same time, it’s what allows us to rely solely in Sketchup to be a small architectural firm with a lot of potential.


Can’t disagree with a single word. Let’s just hope Trimble are watching, listening and acting upon this constructive yet very fair (and accurate) criticism…Because of the issues with LO we’ve got close to dropping SU altogether, and foregoing it’s great 3D modelling advantages over Revit (and FormIt), because the gaping hole between SU and LO was just too great to sensibly (i.e. within fee timescales) carry on dealing with the issues. Commercial pressures in the architectural world dictate that there is no bunce with which to deal with software issues; if it needs to go out of the door it needs to got out of the door now. There’s only so long we can hang on and we’re getting very close to dropping SU (and obv LO) altogether. I think the release of SU 2019 with be the decider.