Layout 2018 - not up to par with other drafting software?

Where we presented it was at bootcamp so it was a learning session = no video. We are doing a whole new book with a new sample project, updated templates as well as adding a new section on detailing with the ability to purchase detail scrapbooks……(hiding from Matt D!).

Regarding windows at varying heights - if it is only a couple, I simply use the scaled drawing feature and draw in a white box identifying it as a window above. If I have a split level home I’ve also stitched sections together to capture every window - this is a little more complex, but is quick once you set it up. We will discuss this method as well. We still have a long way to go though.

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We have created “window & wall” components that include a window positioned for elevations and ilustratives and a second window positioned for plans. In this way we make sure to cut all window positions at the floor plan “section” level, by enabling/disabling the appropriate layer.


Nick, thanks for the input. Bummer on the video, but I’m looking forward to that book and especially those scrapbooks, that would be a great base to build off and grow our library of 3D details. Our goal is to have all of our 3D details with a PHIUS focus, so there is a lot going on in each detail.

On my current project, I did both methods you discussed. I bet that is another reason it is slowing down Layout due to hybrid mode. Once switching to thin section slice, this should make a huge difference.

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I was looking into ARCHICAD yesterday and it is multi-thread.


Interesting, so it sounds like it made steps in the right direction but isn’t all the way there.

I use Archicad at work every day and it is NOT multi-threaded in a way meaningful to speeding up modelling. Yes, it can use threading for its view tabs, and the non-realtime rendering engine is multithreaded like every self-respecting renderer out there is, but modelling is single-threaded.

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mute-core and multi-thread are two very different beasts…

SU is currently using 34 threads on my mac as it sits in the background…



Good to know!!

As to price/performance ratio, in our parts SketchUp costs 636,00 € (without VAT, with one year maintenance). Archicad costs 6000,00 € plus 960 €/year maintenance (again without VAT)


No doubt SketchUp is way less expensive, but time is worth a lot too. That being said, I am a huge SketchUp fan and it is my only modeling tool at the moment and has been for 15 years. I get bogged down in the CD stage of SketchUp, I currently do something similar to Nick Sonders method, maybe not as diligent as him.

Yes. If you get an advantage out of BIM tools then the investment is often worth it. Here in Finland large clients require the use of BIM so there is actually no choice in the matter if you want to work with them.

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I place a copy of the window component on My 2D drafting layer at a height that crosses the section plane in sketch up…something I have now because it’s where I place all my dashed lines and door swings.

I think if you have a lot of upper windows there is nothing that prohibits the use of another horizontal section (plan). And this is so easy to accomplish with SketchUp.

This ties into building sections as well I used to skimp on how many I would draw but now with a high quality model it’s easy to provide numerous sections with only a little extra effort.



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Tried this technique, however i’m having problems selection the points in layout for dimensioning

This is the longest and most useless thread ever. Layout sucks it should be able to run fairly smooth and not crash after 3 view-ports have been inserted. It seems like almost everyone is having this problem at least on windows interface is there nothing the developers can do? Considering it costs almost $700?!?!?

Without seeing detailed specs for what you are running, I would be looking at hardware not software.

I’m currently pushing 13 sheets with 18 viewports out of one layout file. And it works pretty well. If you want to operate in this environment your going to have to invest in some real computing horsepower.

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It’s clear that Layout has issues, this thread is about them so not useless. Saying that it is is disrespectful to everyone contributing here.

It’s also clear that we are able to do things with it that you cannot. So it seems you have issues too but as you didn’t elaborate on them your post is the one that’s useless.

If you came searching for help, you should have given more info.

If you came here to contribute to the discussion, you should have given more info.


I think there are legitimate issues with Layout but also some of the issues are often user error or the lack of a good workflow.

This thread is not useless and to suggest so is disrespectful in my opinion. Please try to maintain a level of professionalism and decorum on the forum, thank-you.