Layout 2018 not responding from desktop and can't send skp files to layout?



to clarify: did you buy Win10 Pro or SU v18 Pro on EBay?



Hi after applying the repair that DaveR suggested and rebooting my system it is working again as it was intended. I did however have to go into the %TEMP% folder in order to apply the right click and run as admin and then select the repair option. It is very weird that the installation does this, someone mentioned somewhere on some forum that this was happening on Windows 10 Pro? (not sure if it is happening on other versions of Windows and/or Sketchup?) but it’s working for now? maybe when windows does another system update I will have to do it all over again? thats windows for you, go figure?!


This is required due to Windoze security, SU is not the only App that requires this installation procedure.

Should not have to repeat the process for a major Windoze upgrade if you choose to keep your files.


what other programs have you had to do this with? it seems like a right fart about, hav never had to do this and seems a very backward way of installing something? go in to temp file and run the installation file form there? can you imagine if you were a technophobe, you wouldn’t have a clue???


You shouldn’t have to go into a TEMP directory to do anything but you do have to install SketchUp and other programs correctly. The correct method has gotten more critical as Windows gets locked down.


…and what correct method might that be, I am intrigued? I used to spend a lot of time tinkering with linux and command line but life became demanding and time shorter so I opted out and settled for windoze again. Seems if it carries on like this another event horizon like the demise of vista I’ll be hopping on the linux train again without a shadow of a doubt!


I was referring to the thing of right clicking on the installer EXE and selecting Run as administrator.

Why that doesn’t seem to have been enough in your case is beyond me but I’m not a certified Windows system administrator.


You and me both, the mind boggles :wink: