Laying components on one plane

Hi Everyone, My name is Graham Eves.
I am working on a model that has many triangular components that join to make the face of a reception desk, I want to take each of the triangles and lay them all flat on the same plane, this is in the hope of having them CNC machined on a 4/5 Axis router. Is there a simple way of doing this?
Regards Graham

If you align the compnonent axes with the geometry of the piece you can drag the components in from the In Model components and they’ll align with the model axes.

You might also want to have a look at Fabber. You might not need to lay the components out at all.

Thanks for you quick response and advise, I was hoping to avoid aligning each component axes as there are a lot of them to do, I think I will take a look at Fabber.

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I wouldn’t want to either. If the component axes don’t align with the geometry, though, I would advise you to at least do that so that the bounding boxes reflect the right dimensions.

Fabber is for 3 Axis CNC, I was hoping to issue parts for a 4 or 5 axis machine.

Hi DaveR,

I was adviser of an align tool available within an extension called 1001bit that is really quick and simple to use. You may want to take a look. Thanks for your time.