Layers Visibility Script

I didn’t find anything in a forum search so forgive me if I’m asking something that’s already solved.

My model only has 15 scenes but every scene has to be able to display myriad layer visibility combinations. I was expecting to find a script that would allow me to quickly show/hide multiple layers at one time but have come up empty. Is the solution really to have 100 scenes to show all my options?

Either Jiminy-billy-bob’s Layers Panel or Didier Bur’s Layer Manager may do the trick (both available via the sketchUcation plugin store).

That’ll work! Thanks!!!

Well… On the surface, those looked like great solutions. However, I couldn’t get Didier’s to work with 2015 and Jiminy’s completely killed SketchUp performance. Anybody have any thoughts on either?

are you on a mac?

either way you can try updated version of Vismap2
the styling is a bit dated but it’s stable…

I’m on a W8 PC.
As handy as Vismap looks, it doesn’t appear to do the simple thing I need to do. I want to be in any one of my scenes and, with one click, alternate between the many layer visibility combinations. Jiminy’s tool does that quite well but for some reason slows performance. Didier’s is designed to do it but isn’t working in my 2015 version (toolbar loads but no response when any buttons are clicked).

Sorry about that! I hadn’t checked, and it turns out there are lots of reports that Didier hasn’t revised his extension for SU 2014 or 2015 compatibility. Unfortunately, it is distributed in obfuscated fashion, so only he can fix it…

I reloaded Jiminy’s Layers Panel and it seems to be doing just fine now. Perfect, actually. It’s a very elegant and extremely useful tool! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

I took another look at Didier Bur’s extension, and it appears that the main problem was that he distributed it as a base-64 encoded string in an ASCII file. This didn’t survive the change to UTF-8 in SU 2014. (Don’t sweat it if that is all geek to you). I unpacked it using an old version of Ruby. The attached file is the result. If you install the extension and then replace layer_manager_v6.rb in the Plugins/Layer Manager folder with the attached, it seems to work (not extensively tested…).

layer_manager_v6.rb (27.9 KB)

I have just updated the RBZ file’s contents in the SCF PluginStore

The original encoding was not compliant with v2015’s Ruby - it’s a simple fix - however and I have also taken the opportunity to change much of the coding to work as a proper Extension, and it’s now within its own module, avoiding global variables, typos fixed etc…
It also now works when loaded from non-default Plugins folders.
It is fully v8 to v2015 compatible…


Thanks TIG, always better to do it right!