Layers not sorting properly

I finally moved from Pro 2018 to 2019 “classic” license. I have well over 100 layers in my models and have a numbering convention (x.xxx_layer name) for naming layers so that they sort according to the numbers at the start of the layer name. I find that they’re not sorting properly in 2019. For instance, I have a layer that begins with 5.39 listed above 5.13. I’ve quit / reopened SU, reset Workspace and hit the “Name” column header to switch the sorting. So far, nothing has worked.

Any ideas?



I just added a couple of layers to my currently opened file and named them 5.13xxxx and 5.39xxxx. They automatically went into the right order. Is it possible you’ve inadvertently sorted by color?

Hi Dave!

No, I sorted by “Name”, but subsequently discovered that the sorting order gets a little screwed up if I don’t use the same number of digits after the decimal point. I started off numbering them “x.xx_layer name” and then discovered I actually needed to delineate a little finer and went to “x.xxx_layer name”, which is when the issue came up - in 2019, it wasn’t an issue in 2018. I was able to add a “0” at the end of those layers named with just 2 digits after the decimal and it all went back to sorting as expected.

Thanks for the opportunity to say “hi!”


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