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I searched but could not find this request previously posted. I would like to highlight multiple layers in the Layers window, and then right click to “consolidate” all highlighted into a single layer. Could be a dialogue box asking me to rename the new layer or just auto name it after the top layer in my highlighted list. Thanks for the fantastic program, keep up the good work.


Yeah I got that, but thanks for helping out. This is the workaround ( I consider it cumbersome ) that I already use to accomplish this. I just want to do it faster and with less steps, as in the steps I suggested.


I need to agree with Riley here.

The current method is 5 GUI clicks, and not very apparent.
The convoluted alternative of picking an object, then right-click, “Select > All on Same layer”, the Entity Info > Layer > some other layer,… is also 5 clicks (and only moves one kind of object at a time.)

Also a user may not wish to delete the selected layers, ie, he (or whomever did the model,) just may have associated objects with the wrong layer(s), and this is a cleanup operation. Other objects may afterward be placed or moved to these selected layers.

So, the average Windows user, is going to make a selection set, then right-click it, and expect a context menu to appear. (But currently no context menu appears.) What we would expect is a “Move to layer…” menu item which brings up a picklist like the layer list in the Entity Info panel. Added features could be:

  • A “Delete source layer(s)” checkbox (defaulted to unchecked.)
  • A “Rename target layer” checkbox and name field (defaulted to unchecked.)

Although the number of clicks may be the same,… it is more like what most Windows applications work like. Ie, what users expect.

Also, it is not in keeping with the usual WIndows interface to make the user move the cursor outside the selection set to perform an action upon it.


Maybe this plugin is helpful:

It reassigns layer in all drawing contexts at once whereas right click > Select All on Same Layer only works within the current drawing context.


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