Layers coming in with components

I have several components (doors/window) in my model. I am just now beginning to understand how layers work for visibility, but when I open the layers menu, I find that when I brought in the components, I brought in many layers - ie: doors-open, doors-closed, several layers with door knobs. Some layers are even in Spanish. Is this common? Is there a way to get rid of those or am I stuck with the layers from the components. I have over 50 layers that I don’t want.

Layers are saved in the imported components. You can delete the unwanted layers all at once (see image) and create new ones afterwards…

It’s a pretty good idea to open a downloaded component into an empty file and take some time to clean it up before bringing it into your model. You can’t necessarily trust the original modeler not to have done something weird.


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Great idea. Will do.