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from the geo-location option with an area, I couldn’t find the “layers” and “pull tab” and “grab” in the right top corner of the map. The sample copies are from the tutorial in the library base. But these tools weren’t available in the program when I added a location and followed the process to use the map and import tools.tabs and grab.pdf (332.6 KB)

The other tool is attached that couldn’t be found in Geo-location for setting up the map.layers.pdf (218.1 KB)

Where did you get that? You’re following an old tutorial.

In the Add Location window you can choose map type and whether or not you want to see the Hi Res coverage as well as Zoom Level.
Screenshot - 2_27_2021 , 7_10_36 AM

And by now you should know that layers are now called tags.
Screenshot - 2_27_2021 , 7_13_27 AM

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version–the number.

The tutorial is off the library/learning center. “landscape and site design”, then “creating base model”, and the topic which the “geo-locating a model” one of the choices. It was the library included with my “Pro-Sketchup” from (updated to 2021.) I think everything is fine though, I may be navigating in areas of the model that aren’t necessary. I’m trying to merge an excerpt of my model into a city landscape as part of my project. I didn’t realize “tags” were replaced for “levels” Everything else is working fine so far, except for the two areas mentioned.


Clearly the tutorial information needs and update. @eric-s?

Tags replaced layers.

Thanks again,