Layers and Default Templates?

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Is there a way to get Layers to populate with a new default template? At work I usually build out white models for the other designers and I try to split the building up by layers (ceilings, floors, etc.) however I’ve been doing this each time I start a new file.

I opened a blank file and created all the layers I would normally use so that I can take the unused ones out later when I build a new model. However after saving this to a new default template, and opening a new file, the layers didn’t re-populate… I couldn’t find anything on a cursory Google search, so if it’s not possible that’s fine. I’m just hopeful someone on here has some advice.




I made a file with a few layers and saved it as a template. When I first attempted to open that template, the layers weren’t shown. I quit SketchUp and restarted it and the layers do indeed show up.

Try this. Make the template with the layers. Save it as the default template. Then click New. Do you see the layers in the Layers window?

@DaveR I think I finally figured it out. I had a few Default Templates floating around and so I took some time to clean out the templates folder and re-create a singular default Template. The Layers stuck this time… So I guess I’m good now.

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