Layer/Scene mystery

I’m fairly good at understanding Components, Groups, Layers, Scenes, Layer 0 and Entity Info. I have modelled a simple cabinet with face frame and coloured the component (in question) “RED”. On the Main scene I have the whole model with Layer 0 and layer Main visible. On the Face Frame (FF) scene I have all layers visible (for illustration of my issue). I created the “Breakout” of the FF by select/move/copy from (main cabinet) on the left to right, and then changed each of the 6 Face Frame part’s “Entity Info” to layer FF. When you click on the left RED pair they indicate layer “Main” and clicking the right RED pair indicates layer FF. When I deselect the Main layer (from the FF Scene) the whole cabinet disappears (as it should), however, the FF RED pair on the right also disappears. WHY? If you deselect the FF layer, while in the same scene (FF) all the breakout part of the Face Frame also disappear as they should. I’ve hit a wall. Any suggestions about what is going on and what is wrong with the model are very much appreciated. SU17 model attached.

Please attach the SKP…

Shelving unit v3.skp (259.0 KB)

Did I upload the file correctly - I don’t use this forum very much?

You Red colored FF-Rails components have their geometry on layer Main NOT Layer0 !
Fix that and it’s probably as you want it ?

I missed that - thanks so much for taking a look - everything is good now - regards PMF

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