Layer problem after manipulating solid groups

Hi. I’m having a recurring problem in sketchup. Thanks in advance for any help! This is what I’m experiencing:

I make a box and group it so it is a “solid group.” I put this solid group on a layer. I make another box as another solid group. I use this new box to trim down my original box, and then find that my original box is on Layer0 again.

The problem is that my box is no longer on the layer that I put it on.

I have experienced this “layer loss” in other situations as well, for example if I adjust a shape or push/pull it to a different size, then the layers get messed up.

I understand that layers act more like tags, so please sketchup, if you’re listening, change the name “layers” to “tags” because it makes it easier to think about it that way! Sketchup, in my opinion, would also be improved with the addition of an array tool, and better native arc manipulation tools.

What would you want the array tool to do? Are you aware of the array copy facilities of the move and rotate tools?

I am not aware of those facilities!
I would want to use the array tool to make multiple copies of something at once, so that I don’t have to copy my items one at a time (or make a few, and then copy them a few at a time). It sounds like you may have the array knowledge that I’m after.


I don’t think there is a way of creating a two dimensional array in one hit. If you were creating an array that had 7 rows and 9 columns (say), you would create the item to be copied, then copy that x7 to create the first column, then select all of those and copy x9 to create the rows.

There may be extensions that do it in one hit if you were doing this kind of thing regularly.

Nate - could you expound on what process you are using to trim the objects? Are you using something from the context menu, or the solid tools? Please detail the technical steps taken.

It sounds like whatever tool or process this is isn’t respecting the “layer” property of the objects after the operation occurs.

In General, don’t bother naming groups or assigning Layers to objects untill finished drawing, especially when using Solid Tools to get a resulting shape. Not only will it mess up Layer-assignment, as you experience, but also the color/textures of the intersecting parts. (So don’t bother adding textures untill finished, as well…)

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The native solids tools have some weird behaviors related to layers and materials. I’ve made these alternative tools that don’t touch layer or material information: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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