Layer Panel Plugin - disappearing groups

I have some problem with layer panel plugin v 1.2.2 (Thomas Hauchecorne)
Sometimes, all groups disappear and all layers appear in one row with no groups. Do you know this bug? Do you know how to deal with it. Is it possible to restore groups or do we have to build the entire group structure from the begining? Adam

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are getting?

I believe support by the author has been discontinued.

I have some problem with that. The files are over 260mb .
It happens in every huge projects. Usually I have more or less 200 layers, in 20-25 groups.
But looking now I’ve found something interesting.
Comparing two backuped projects We’ve found the records in the layer panel history “2020-12-08 01:55:11 :”
I understadnd that it means that something was deleted.
Some when I reverted back one of thsese records all the groups reappeared.
The most interesting is the fact that to delete all the groups I would have to to select them separately from the list and than delete them.
I’ve never done that.
This would be possible if I accidentally deleted one layer or several layers next to each other, but it would be difficult to accidentally delete groups by selecting them from among other layers.

I’m going to observe that in future, but is there some log or something which can help determine the cause of such a this batch group deleting? Adam

I guess it’s kind of hard to figure out exactly what happened to delete the groups from the model space. Certainly deleting layers could result in the groups being deleted, too. One thing to consider is using components is that they will remain in the file even if they are deleted from the model space.

Ok, thanks. I have one more question. Is it some way to transfer or import the structure of layers and groups to some existing project (without manually entering names)? Than I would like to assign objects to layers, and than transfer all elements (copying) from one existing project to another (I would like they automatically go to the same layers and groups in which they were in the base project. Of course, theoretically, I can do it by copying elements first to the second project and then assigning them to the appropriate layers. But it is complicated and difficult with complicated projects. The only way I found is to make a copy of my project, erase all elements (leaving layers and groups) and save the empty project as template. Then open the template and paste the content of the second project. Then arrange it and transfer one project to another.

Is it the best way or is there something much simpler? A.

You can use Save as… to create a new file with the same layers and object (groups and components). Probably the thing to do is create a template that includes the layers you want to use. As for the groups and components those are specific to the model so its unlikely you want the exact same groups every time.

What kind of things are you modeling?

And the best would be if the program noticed that the copied element is already in the target project and it is identical (on the same layer etc) and then it would not copy it or call for confirmation. Can any plugin have such a function?

I don’t know of anything like that. Keep in mind layers are given to objects (groups and components) the objects are not “on” layers.

Yes, that I know. I’m working on some huge historical complex (10 buildings and lots of terrain). I made the scans using Faro 3D and Leica C10, and created an architectural inventory using Undet Point Cloud software. Now I’m working with drawings for each detail projects. Many parallel files. The most problematic is working on the urban planning. All buildings must be simplified again (all interiors and details removed) so that the urban site planning file is not too heavy. That is why properly working layers are so important :wink: I’m working on SU2019 (could upgrade to SU2020), but has something changed in the sketchup layer panel in the newer SU versions? Are they gropus or it still need plugin?

There should be no need for a plugin. Layers have been renamed to tags but the usage is basically the same. They are given to objects in the model space.

from which SU version the tag folders appeared?

Those were introduced with SketchUp 2021.0.