Layer manager error?

Can’t not use Layer manager. Can anybody help me

what exactly are you trying to do?
Describe more steps if possible.

can not add new layer, cannot use anything of layer managerment
and the next problem is can not install plugin. Can u please help me. Thanks vr much

Look for the Layer panel in the Default tray.
Window/Default tray

still there, no thing happen

Click Show Tray at the very top.


yuppi, its work. Thanks you very much. can u help me about plugin din’t appear at preferences:

Use the extension manager to install extensions and plugins.

Extension manager can’t install plugin file .rb. I need to install A4_smartpushpull.rb. Can u show me the way

Download the .rbz file from Sketchucation and use Extension Manager to install it…

Better, install the SketchUp Plugin Store tool and let it install the extension for you automatically.

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thank u very much