Launching websites and applications from within SketchUp models

I want to be able to use the wall of a building as a kind of bulletin board. On the board I want to be able to embed a Google Sheet, Word Doc or other external file type, so that I can launch the file (or website) with a click.

In this way, other team members who are looking at my model can quickly navigate to a related, external data source or file.

I would like to be able to display a preview of the Google Sheet or website within SketchUp, say on a wall. That’s a secondary priority though.

Have a look at GOSU

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Thanks so much. I’m going to try this out. Looks great. Really appreciate it.

I’ve tried linking a component to a Microsoft Word file. When I select the application to open the file (to associate it), it won’t let me select Word as an application.

Does this mean I cannot link anything except PDFs and URLs to components?

Ive never used it, perhaps @Renderiza can help you with it.


It should work with any files, even Microsoft Word file.

Are you using Windows or Mac?

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Thanks @Renderiza. See movie. Sorry about the quality. Max 4mb file upload and this is the only way I know how to do it.

@Renderiza Also I just loaded a new doc and selected the extension then SketchUp crashed.
I don’t seem to be able to use it now. Maybe it’s because I’m using SketchUp 2019 on a Mac?


Good afternoon, thanks for sharing the great GOSU plugin.

I want to share a drawing and linked photos with another PC. The photos and drawing are now stored in the same folder and in a few subfolders. Is there a way to make the path to the photos relative rather than absolute so the drawing and photos can be shared with another PC?