Launched from Firefox and it ran

Launched from Firefox and it ran fine, while it would not run in Chrome.

Java asked for permission to run…
So is Java required?

My understanding is that Java is not supported or even blocked in Chrome.

Seemed to launch OK in IE and Edge.

Yes it will run in Chrome,… but it needs to be the correct version.

EDIT: See Jon’s comments:

I think it uses JavaScript, not Java. So you need to enable Javascript, and WebGL.


  • Open the “settings” page, via the menu (or navigate to chrome://settings)
  • scroll to the bottom,
  • click “Show Advanced Settings”,
  • scroll to the bottom to the “System” section
  • be sure “use hardware acceleration when available” is checked

I’m not sure how JavaScript would get disabled in Chrome.
You can check the chrome://flags page to see if there are any abnormal settings.

Or look through the various pages listed at:
… for some setting where JavaScript has been switched off.

Okay, I found it. (It was hiding in a sub-dialog.)

Navigate to chrome://settings (or menu > “Settings”)
Under “Privacy” click the “Content settings…” button.

In the “Content settings” dialog:
Under the “JavaScript” section, either:
a) choose "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)"
b) select the “Do not allow…” choice, but add in the “Manage exceptions” sub-dialog.

You may need to do the same down in the ‘Pop-ups’ section as is likely to use some popup windows for the UI.

JavaScript isn’t disabled, and I’m on the latest version of Chrome. Too much on my plate @ the moment to worry about troubleshooting this. Last thing I want to do is break Chrome (my main working Browser). As a teacher, I was mainly curious to see how worked. Since many schools are moving away from computers with a full O/S (such as Chromebooks), a web based version of SketchUp would be useful. Has anyone tested on a Chromebook or even an tablet/iPad for that matter?