Launched LayOut this morning and got THIS warning

So I got this warning when I launched LayOut this morning. When I quit working last night, I saved both the Sketchup file and the LayOut file. Both files reside in the same directory. I would assume this has something to do with LayOut perceiving there is a broken link. What should I do, in this case? Thanks-

(Sketchup Pro 2018, Windows)

Evidently you saved the SketchUp file without then updating the reference in LayOut. No big deal. Select the .skp file in the list and click on Update.

The link isn’t broken. The save date/time on the SketchUp file is later than the one recorded for the reference by LayOut.

Thanks again Dave. I have been printing out all of your answers/solutions and have been adding them to my Sketchup notebook.

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