Lattice in sketchup


I would like to model buildings that use lattice for the skirt above ground and below main floor. My instinct is that this could be done with a lattice texture with paint brush. Does anybody have a source of lattice bit maps.

I downloaded a lattice from 3d warehouse. This appears to me much more complicated with so many lines to manipulate. How can I efficiently reduce the dimension to match my design? It would be fairly tedious to cut each lath.

Please give advice on modeling lattice in Sketchup.

Thanks Eli


A simple approach could involve using an imported image to represent your latticework. I googled png lattice and found this result.

Using an image will generate a smaller model (most of the time) than when the lattice geometry is actually modeled. Use the imported image as a paint material and sample it with the eyedropper tool (alt+paintbucket on Windows…option+paintbucket on Mac). Then just apply the new material to the surfaces where you want to see the lattice.

One positive aspect of using a png type image is that the material can be applied in such a way that all of the voids in your lattice will be transparent.

I would guess that you can find many more example lattice images.


An image works fine for such details.
Example: Katrina Cottage.skp (815.9 KB)

To get you started, there are two lattice material images included with SketchUp.
Look in the Materials Browser in the Fencing collection.
You can edit those in SketchUp or in an external image editor.


Thanks for replying with suggestions. The choice in the fence pallet gives me what I wanted. Before I knew about that, I was able to take a picture of real lattice. I edited it to the size of a square. However, because it had real world irregularity, I was not able to cut in a place that would align with the next panel, leaving an obvious seam.