Last Visit is no longer right

For the last few days when I get on the forum, the line it has for Last View is about 24 hours behind where I really visited last. Could there be something I have done that changed this. I just visited the forum, but when I opened it again it said my last visit was 1 day ago.

This will come from a cookie stored by your browser. Try clearing your browser caches.

Thanks, I will give it a try. I didn’t expect it to be that since it is happening on two different computers and the one I had not used for weeks.

Any other ideas. when I opened the forum this morning it had my last visit 2 days ago

This forum is hosted by which is the forum engine.
They have their own issues category in their forum:

The forum had my last visit accurate this morning. Maybee one of the times I cleared the bowser cache finally worked.