Last Version 6?

Does someone possibly know the last version of SketchUp 6 that was released?

I have 6.4.112 on Windows.

Maybe @jbacus knows it because he wrote about it here:

(And let’s hope it’s not your current working version :wink: )

@DanRathbun has created a list here which shows 6.4 M6 (6.4.265) as last release of version 6.

Thanks - it’s not really important - it just means I lost that version somehow. Oh well.

I never had any 6 version direct from the SketchUp distro, … they were all from 3rd-party archive sites like Cnet downloads, etc.

we have everything online down to version 4 in DE/EN at our SUP download page.

All of them are downloaded from official sources only.

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Wanted to try the Mac version of SU8 for plugin compatibility testing.

Click on Download, and get this error instead of a download.

Using Chrome on El Capitan 10.11.6. Same error in Safari

InternalError We encountered an internal error. Please try again. 90E6163BC9D9EE90 mdk8ntVlpjugoyXZlwCUq6X0R56QkxbzT6mwK32zn1mzxhc4kO3I9RTydLvZ7hhU+ayPNhgd+0g=

Hehe no, but I like to have it and every version since installed. I don’t know why. It’s just neat to see how things have changed.

are you talking to me? … then using the “Reply” function would be helpful.

if you mean I cannot reproduce with recent Firefox under Windows… doubt that this is different under macOS, enable JavaScript in your browser and try again.

Sorry, I didn’t realise the Reply in the post works differently from that at the bottom.

I went first to the link you provided:

Then to Version 8 on that page, which linked to:

Then to the English version for Mac OS X:
SketchUp Pro 8.0-EN f. Mac OS X

which when clicked, opened:

Then I clicked the Download button:

and got the error message quoted earlier.

The URL in the browser bar had changed to (something), which isn’t right, apparently.

However, when I tried it again just now, I did indeed get the download. Some temporary glitch, perhaps in my ISP Virgin Media, which has been having intermittent problems with broadband over the last few days.

Sorry to have bothered you. The download has nearly finished now.

And thanks for providing it.