Large scale and small scale

Maybe my brain isn’t working properly today.

The scale 1:100 is said to be a larger scale than 1:200, because it shows the same object at a larger size, right? the scale 1:200 allows a larger object to fit into the same paper, but that isn’t what large scale means?

1:100 > 1:200


1:100 is 0.1. 1:200 is 0.05. 0.1 is a larger number than 0.05. QED.

Will you lend me $ 100 ? I will pay you 100*0.1 back! :grinning:

Errr…no. But I’d get more from 100 x 0.1 than 100 x 0.02.

Or have I missed your point (actually, what was that??)?


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You see I include these deliberate errors to make sure people are awake…


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