Large Project?

I am doing a rather large project on SU 2017.

If I update to 2020 will there be more power to speak of, in order to load and work with many skp buildings on one SU file? Also no renderings or vegetation that may load up the page.

Thank you,

There have been a number of performance increases in Sketchup since 2017 but it’s hard to say with what little we know of your file whether or not you will see any improvement. It also depends a great deal on the way you are modeling and your hardware. You can run the trial version of 2020 and see what you see.

Are you still running Windows 7 and that Intel GPU listed in your profile? Please complete and update your profile with the correct information.

I don’t know if your name is very common, but someone with your name does have a 2018 license. Have you ever used 2018, and maybe lost the license somewhere?

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Hi Dave
Only downloaded but never used?

What is there name?

The user I see as having a 2018 license is Billy Gordon, and the email ends with The same user previously had a email address.

Ya I used to have one that ended in

Hi Dave,
I have an alien gamer computer with windows 10 and trying to reduce model capacity by eliminating what is not needed including vegetation and lighting

Make sure you are purging unused stuff. Window>Model Info>Statistics.

Simply deleting components from the model doesn’t get rid of them.

Dave, Thanks for the suggestion.
already purged components and colors.


Which means, I have a 2018 license you can use. That will be a step up from 2017, and could keep you going for now.

not sure what you are talking about? I have a 2018 copy I could use if I wanted to. Are you saying you have my 2018 copy? please explain.

I work in SketchUp support. If you’re not using SketchUp 2018 because you have misplaced your license for it, I can send the license to you.

OK Colin, didn’t know that you worked in Support. No I believe I have until november to purchase 2020 as an upgrade. I prefer to work with 2017 for now because of all the changes one has to go through with add on’s and working in the models I have takes to much time to reconfigure everything. Thanks anyway

Sounds good.