Laptop spec for Sketchup 19 and enscape 3D/twilight render uk

Hi All,
I need a new laptop for sketchup modelling and rendering with either twilight render or enscape 3D ( still evaluating). I can’t use enscape as my abacus isn’t good enough. I have read through the forum topics on laptop spec but I am struggling. Can anybody recommend a laptop under £2k that can meet my needs? Is touchscreen any use?Thanks.

a so called gaming notebook with a high-clocked, recent intel Core i5/i7 as well as a nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 or better (no AMD Radeon because of sub-par OpenGL support) and at least 8 gb RAM (better 16 gb preferrably extendable via a lid or removing the bottom plate) as well as a SSD is the right direction.

If rendering on the CPU multiple kernels can be used (SU only 1 kernel), if rendering on the GPU is feasible the render speed improves with the GPU performance.

Don’t like glossy touch screens but might be inevitable with gaming notebooks, ensure to get an IPS (or PVA) panel (high contrast, wide viewing angle) instead of a TN panel (intended for speed in gaming) if you can.

Thank you very much fir your help you are a star

lots of thorough notebook reviews here.