Known issue affecting users who are unable to start a 7-day Go trial in-App!

Hey Folks,

I wanted to let you know that we’ve identified an issue that results in some users being unable to start a 7-day Go trial in-app. After attempting to start a Go trial, the app remains in a free, viewer-only mode.

From what we have determined thus far, the issue appears to be limited to users with invalid credit cards associated with their Apple App Store accounts. After attempting to start a trial, users are then required by the Apple App Store to update their Credit Card information. The flow has exposed a bug on the App Store, that ultimately prevents the app from being able to authorize the use of the editing features while in Trial Mode.

Know that we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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Closing the loop on this thread. With today’s release of v6.0.4, we have mitigated the above issues. All users should now be able to successfully initiate a 7-day trial period of SketchUp Go, in-app.

Users who need to update their credit card information while going through the process of initiating a trial might see that the app remains in a view-only mode for up to 10 minutes or so before the trial kicks in and the editing features are unlocked.