Kitchen template

Hello!!! i m new here and a kind of new sketch up user. I used a kitchen model template which i like but i want to delete only one sheve. Am i able to do that? Xxx

Yes. The template is “just” a model you start from. You can alter settings (units etc.), geometry, etc.
You can even create your new model as a template through menu: File > Save As Template…

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Since there is no "kitchen template:, I think you mean you downloaded a kitchen model from the 3D Warehouse… You can edit the geometry of the model but the exact steps will depend upon how the model was made by the author. Perhaps you could upload the SketchUp file or give us a link to where you got it.

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Hello @marip and welcome the SU Forum,

Yes, you can modify/edit any SketchUp model.
A SketchUp 3D model is built with just two elemental entities; Edges and Faces, aka Geometry.
And just as you can build a model with geometry, you can also add more, modify or erase geometry.

We can give more detailed advice if you’ll enable us to work with the model in question.
Tell us the exact name of the model you downloaded from 3D Warehouse or better yet, copy the URL of the 3DWH model page and paste it in your reply here in the forum.

I think (guess) the OP’s use of the term ‘template’ was simply a coincidence, not knowing the word carries other meaning with reference to SU.

thank you all!!! In case I wont manage to do what i want I ll ask for further help (@Geo)