Keys not responding mid drawing



Hi all,
My Sketchup 2018 is acting buggy and has been since updating from 2017.
Ill be in the middle of drawing something, using hot keys, and out of nowhere the keys I press decide not to work. Then as soon as I’m about to throw the computer out the window, it will work again. All mouse functions are still working just fine.
This used to only happen every so often, and now its happening more frequently.
File size and drawing complexity does not seem to make a difference as to when its going to stop working.
This doesn’t happen on any other programs I have on my computer, and I’ve tried changing out keyboards to no avail.
I appreciate your suggestions because this is impacting workflow and performance… as well as my patience.
Thanks y’all!


This sounds like something we’ve seen before. The common reason for weird happenings like this is related to incorrect installation. When you install SketchUp you need to right click on the installer and select Run as administrator. If you didn’t do that or you aren’t sure you did it, quit SketchUp, find the installer exe (most likely still in your Downloads folder), right click on it, choose Run as administrator. Then when presented with options, choose Repair.

Please complete your profile with the SketchUp version, operating system, and graphics card.