Keys get stuck after depress


I use my.sketchup on my computer at work at lunch time to design projects… it was working great a few weeks back and now, when I open a model and start to work, as soon I hit the CTRL or SHIFT key, they get stuck in that function when releasing them.

Ex.: pan/tilt, the mouse arrow stays with a -/+, + or - on the side and does not go away

Could this be a bug ?

i’m using a linux laptop and chrome as a browser.

Thank you


Is there a Linux equivalent of ‘sticky keys’ (usually in Accessibility options somewhere) that helps disabled users, by keeping a key pressed after you tap it? If so, could it have got turned on accidentally?


Thanks for the reply… yes there is such a thing as sticky keys… unfortunately its off.

further, testing once again, if I go out of frame (moving the mouse cursor out of the Chrome window), the stuck key reset it self…

At first clance, it looks to be a Chrome on linux problem. I haven’t tried on a Windows machine.

Sorry, I haven’t used my.sketchup for a good while, so I haven’t any direct recent experience. Sounds as if it might be a bug.

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