[Keyframe Animation] Camera interpolation between scenes


Whenever I use the rotate function to change camera position, the z axis stays vertical. However, in Keyframe Animation, moving between 2 camera positions, it does not, though it starts and ends with the z axis vertical. Is there solution to this?



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Actually, the camera animation between scenes is handled entirely by SketchUp’s native camera interpolation – the plugin has nothing to do with it.


I have figured out what is happening. In left/right movements, the orbit
tool rotates the scene relative to the camera about an axis parallel to
the z axis in the model, the camera stays ‘upright’. In scene animation,
intermediate frames are calculated by rotating the scene about an axis
parallel to the y axis in the camera, thereby giving an effect which could
cause motion sickness when one tries to fly around a building. One might
argue that there should be an option for the orbit tool to behave like
scene animation, and there should definitely be an option for scene
animation to behave like the orbit tool, but I guess such wishes would fall
on deaf ears.
Dick Newell
Cambridge, UK


The scene does not really rotate nor move. It is the camera that moves.
Left <-> Right orbit movement really orbits the camera eye.position about a vertical axis running through the camera’s target point. It helps to read the Ruby API’s Camera class properties and the simple Animation class examples.

BUT,… you can change the model axis and it will be saved, and restored when you reopen the file.
Likewise, each scene page can save a different axis.

Check via the Scene Manager dialog, if your scenes have the “Axes Location” checked or not.

It is definitely strange for the camera to rotate between scenes, unless the axis have been changed and then saved as a scene property.


have a look at SceenTweaker
It’s an older plugin by the developer of LightUp…
you need to join SketchUcation to download it, that’s also free…