Keyboard shortcuts no longer work

I’m using Chrome on a Windows machine. When I opened SketchUp for Schools today I did notice that it had been updated as all the Icons had changed and a new one added. I tried to start modeling and when I hit the “R” key for “rectangle”, nothing happened. I tried several others and tried resetting them all. I even tried assigning them, even though they’d already been pre-assigned. I shut down my browser and restarted it. I even restarted my computer, but nothing seems to work. Help!

Probably the dog “Miles” got tired. It happened to me too today. I had to re-assign R twice before he/she did their job and the rectangle tool shortcut [R] worked again. Most annoying.

I tried resetting them and them assigning them again, but when I try to use “R” for Rectangle it tells me “Unavailable”. Every letter, it appears, it unavailable…maybe it is my computer?