"key not valid for use in specified state"


every time i go to install i get this error “key not valid for use in specified state” then it cancels install. I have removed privious versions, but i have not removed any possible hidden files or register entries. Any ideas would be appreciated. Dont want to spend all day installing. Thanks.

Error installing sketchup pro

Hi @golddog,

I’ve seen this pop up recently with someone else. It isn’t actually an error from SketchUp that you’re seeing, rather it’s connected to a Microsoft network. There is a write up by Microsoft on the topic here:


It looks like it’s related to using Team Foundation Server which I’m unfamiliar with. Are you attempting to install SketchUp on a server or on a system which is using a server for local shares? It’d be helpful to know what is unique in your environment to troubleshoot further.


I will try your link, but as far as my computer, its just a cheap personnal laptop, that i have. I had been using sketchup 8 but i thought i would try the make version. so i had access to some new features I have deleted other copies and have had this issue with installation since. thanks for your effort, i will update on outcome.


Checked out the link, sends me to edit my reg, but i dont have the folders described. If companies wernt so eager to tie a person to every move they make this issue would not exist.


Hi @sandykw919,

Thanks for checking it out. This is an odd one and unfortunately I’m stumped right now. I’ll do some digging and pester our installer folks to see if we can figure this out. I wouldn’t expect you to see that error if you’re not in a networked environment with the server I mentioned originally.

You said you’re using a cheap personal laptop, could you confirm which version of Windows you have installed and if you see the problem if you disconnect yourself from any network altogether?



windows 7 home premium service pack 1, 64 bit. tried to install with internet off same issue.


The solution to the “Key not valid for use in specified state” error message seems to be the removal of the Windows Update KB2918614. For a little more information, go here:


The gentleman that presented the solution above has indicated that the problem resurfaced after a SketchUp re-installation. After some research, he found success following the instructions seen here:


Specifically: “…try moving the folder RSA from C:\Users<User>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA to say C:\RSA (just in case there should be a need to restore it) then try installing again. This folder appears to act as a cache and should be rebuilt automatically as required.”

If anyone else has success resolving this problem, please add your thoughts here. Thanks!