Keeps coming back to the same screen

I have installed through G-suite allowed the API and whenever I try logging into Sketchup for school it keeps coming back to Are you sure your in the right place. Any ideas?

Hi @arichardson, thanks for the post. The most likely cause I see for that error is a bad deployment but you said you did the deployment correctly so we can rule that out.

The next most likely cause of that is a firewall issue. As SketchUp for Schools is for k-12 use only, we do have a firewall to keep some users from accessing it as they may not qualify to use it. Of course sometimes this does keep legitimate users out too but we have a way around that. All I need to do is get you added into a database of approved domains and you will be all set, assuming of course you qualify to use SketchUp for Schools.

What I need from you to get you added to the database is a link to your website (if you have one), your domain (so I can add it to the database) and confirmation you are a k-12 school or district (just posting that you are a k-12 school or district us usually enough).

Once I have all of that I can get you added to the database and we can see if that is what you need to get up and running or if we need to do more troubleshooting.